A Posh Night In.

Hey everyone.

Super excited to have a platform to share with you all. A super weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Bet you guys have a ton of questions wondering why we couldn’t take any orders Thanksgiving week in Houston & What was the hold up with the release of our updated menu & web page. I, Oricha Plavsic flew down to Ft. Lauderdale for thanks giving weekend for 2 reasons. 1.Family, 2. We had the luxury of catering an event in Hallandale at the Hyde Resort featuring fashion expert @Fabamore, and published traveling pro beauty expert @lifesizedollartistry. We took the opportunity sponsor & collaborate this event & it went really well! We had a wonderful time sharing our appetizers & desserts with everyone, and informing everyone more about veganism and the benefits of it. We even gave out free shots of Kombacha, which we all enjoyed. Like we always say great vibes begins with GREAT FOOD! Follow on Instagram & Facebook for continuous updates @Winningbeginswithwisdom. HashTag #Winningbeginswithwisdom when you eating a vegan meal or a meal that you would want to see vegan, we will check it out every week!!!! Thank you guys for the support! XOXO